Voiakiu Hamster Hideout House


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♜Easy to clean: This gerbil hideout is easy to clean, and its bottomless design allows for better cleaning inside, interacting with pets, and changing bedding.
♜Quiet and comfortable: The semi-enclosed Hamster Hideaway with a cave is comfortable and breathable, giving a sense of security and providing shelter for small pets to hide, rest, store and eat in a quiet and safe place .
♜Beautiful decoration: This hamster hideout house can bring interesting decorations to hamster cages, cute and beautiful, easy to match with a variety of styles of cage themes, with a variety of sizes to choose from, and suitable for dwarf hamsters , gerbils, mice, golden bears, etc.
♜Special Carrot Design: Designed in the shape of a cute and lovely little carrot, this hamster hideout brings more interesting ornamental effects to hamster cage decoration and is ideal for easily matching many cage themes.


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