SunGrow Mineral Rocks for Betta, 3-6 units per pack.


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✔ PROMOTES BETTER HEALTH AND LONG LIFE — Any Betta aquarium can accumulate unnecessary residue, from fish or plants over time. Adding SunGrow Mineral Rocks to your tank helps remove these materials as they have a great ability to exchange ions. This helps create a healthy environment for your pets, helping them live longer.
✔ IMPROVES THE COLORS OF YOUR BETTAS — Also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, the colors of Bettas are limitless and very vivid. Having these rocks in their surroundings can make their colors more vibrant as these rocks provide essential elements for vitality.
✔ PROVIDES A HIDING, RESTING AND BREEDING PLACE — Bettas like to wrestle with each other but prefer to swim on their own, and aquarium decorations like rocks can provide a comfortable hiding place for them to rest. These hiding places can also be used for mating where Bettas can lay eggs and reproduce.
✔ DECREASES FISH STRESS LEVELS — Putting rocks in their new environment provides instinctive activities for your fish. They will be comfortable because the aquarium will be similar to their natural habitat. It also has invigorating properties that help replenish energy after a fight and make them ready for another fight.
✔ IMPROVES AESTHETIC APPEARANCE AND BENEFITS ORGANIC AQUARIUM DECORATIONS — No doubt a beautiful addition to your aquarium, these mineral rocks go beyond aesthetics. If placed near the plants, the beneficial properties and their health benefits will be absorbed, making your plants healthier.


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