Nynelly Hamster Cage,Mini Duna Hamster Cage Mouse


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【All You Need】The hamster cage comes with lots of accessories, including maze, exercise wheel, swing, colorful villa, external bathroom and more. The funny hamster maze adds more fun and allows your little pet to move around freely.
【Application】It is suitable for Robo hamster, dwarf hamster and other small hamsters. And it is not suitable for large hamsters like Syrian hamster or guinea pig.
【Quality Material】The maze is made of high quality ABS/Carton material. The main body of the hamster cage is made of macromolecular acrylic material, which is very stable and has excellent transparency. There are dozens of holes on each side of the cage to improve air permeability.
【Size】This small animal cage measures 33 x 29 x 29cm, assembly required.


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