Large 3 Tier Hamster Cage


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Complete Hamster Accessories: Fully equipped with a wheel and other accessories for your pet to move around. Sliding system with hamster cage tubes adds more fun and allows your small pet to move freely. And the plastic hamster cage comes with a variety of features, such as hamster tubes and access doors, to make your hamster’s life more fun and exciting.

PET-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our Syrian hamster cage has convenient front door access so you can quickly refill food and water or organize the inside of the cage.
Creative Products: The 3-tier cage provides a fun slide and plenty of room for your pet to exercise, relax, explore and play. The Syrian hamster cage is easy to assemble and does not require any additional tools. The extra large hamster cage is very spacious, and your hamster will have plenty of room to walk around and explore. The extra large size also makes it easy to add accessories and toys to the cage, so your hamster can have even more fun


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