Doglemi Lifting Harness for Dogs


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Mobility Support: Great for senior, injured or recovering dogs. Help your furry friends climb stairs, walk outdoors, get into your vehicle.
Elastic material: durable and soft. Sandwich mesh contact with dogs, breathable and lightweight. Hip buckle with adjustable pocket buckle. Able to adjust according to your dog’s size.
REDUCE PRESSURE: Provides your dog with buffer protection. Lifts the hip and abdomen together instead of placing pressure in one area. Won’t make your hands uncomfortable when walking with your dog.
Unisex: easy to wear. Suitable for male and female dogs. Does not affect your dog’s excretions. Easy to clean.
Wide Applications: Able to quickly and easily connect to seat belts with hook and loop fasteners, making your dog secure and helping you concentrate on driving. Can also be used with a regular harness that connects to the old dog leash like a regular harness.


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