Cheerble Mini Ball 2.0 – Electric Game for Cats


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3 Different Interactive Play Modes – Is your cat a real rebel or prefers quiet play? This ball is suitable for cats of all ages. The ball has 3 play modes: calm, normal and active.
4 Hours of Play – The Cheerble Mini Ball lasts up to 4 hours on one battery charge in quiet play mode. Is the ball empty? Just charge it with the supplied USB charging cable. After approximately 1 hour of charging, the ball is fully charged and ready for hours of fun
Auto Sleep Mode: Once the ball is turned on, it will automatically go into sleep mode to give your cat some time to rest. The ball automatically goes to sleep after 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the ball starts rolling automatically to entertain your cat
SAFE MATERIALS: Safety is our priority. This ball is made exclusively from carefully selected materials that are not dangerous or toxic to your cat. The ball has all the necessary safety certificates so that your four-legged friend can play safely. The exterior of the ball is made of a special soft fabric that allows your cat to bite without hurting themselves or breaking the ball.


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